GLOBAL SKY AIRFREIGHT AND LOGISTICS. Our South African foot print has expanded to include but not limited to Countries such as Europe, China, Far East, Middle East, USA, Australia New Zealand, Africa and India Ocean Island.
1. s to become the best Shipping and freight forwarding company all over the Globe and also focus on African Countries as a whole.
2.     To provide the best technology system and educational material known as E Doc, for our Customers.  
3.     To extend our Logistics branches to countries such us,
·         Ghana
·         Nigeria
·         Cote devour
·         Togo/Bennie
·         Mali
·         Zambia
·         Zimbabwe and so forth.  
This will help to reduce poverty and lack of employment for our youth in the near future.
·         Efficient and quality Service delivery and performance will earn the respect and loyalty of our customers.
We will strive to provide exceptional value to our Customers without compromising our ethics or integrity in the pursuit of profit.
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